myOwnHome: new employee benefit inspires home ownership

Anne-Marie Alexander, Commercial Services Team Leader, was stunned to learn that she could achieve her goals of homeownership thanks to Stonewater’s myOwnHome – an innovative employee benefits scheme designed to allow colleagues to overcome barriers preventing them from owning their own home, through shared ownership.

Anne Marie Alexander

Anne-Marie’s story

I’ve worked for Stonewater for around four years now and initially found out about the scheme at my second annual all company colleague event. I didn’t apply for the scheme straight away as despite being qualified when it launched, I didn’t have a deposit saved as I’d never even considered that I could afford to buy my own home.

I’ve always lived in Bristol and it’s steadily become an increasingly expensive place to live - the property prices are so high, and it seemed impossible for me to even contemplate buying a home on my own.

However, learning of the scheme did motivate me to start saving knowing there was now a chance for me to own my own home – something that’s always been a dream of mine, especially to be able to do it on my own.

The process couldn’t have been smoother on Stonewater’s part. After saving my deposit I spoke to my team leader who gave me an overview of the process and the next day I submitted my application.

My home buying journey began in November 2020 and I completed my move in May this year, with the only hold-ups being managing the legal process and liaising with my solicitors.  Any questions I had Stonewater were quick to answer and provided helpful insight into the home buying process. The whole time I felt reassured and confident that I would move into my new home as planned.

Going from being a Stonewater colleague to a Stonewater customer didn’t change anything – everything is dealt with such privacy no one would ever know that you’ve benefitted from using the scheme.

I now own my own home at 27 and I couldn’t be happier. New builds don’t often come up with shared ownership, so I feel even luckier to be in the home I am. It’s a three-bed, has a garden and I’ve finally been able to get a dog – something that’s just not possible most of the time while I’ve been living in rented accommodation.

I’d recommend the myOwnHome scheme to other colleagues; it’s allowed me to move forward in my life in a way I really could never have done it without the help of Stonewater.

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