My story: Living in the Dorchester Young Peoples Service by Ronan

"Everything was going well after moving out of home to live with my boyfriend, but after a while the relationship hit a few bumps and I ended up moving out."

Dorchester Young People's Service

"Unfortunately, that left me with nowhere to go because my mum and sister had moved away from the area, relocating to Devon to be close to family. I wasn’t able to join them as I was at college and needed to finish my course so I asked the college for support.

They set about helping me to find accommodation and although I received a call from a few places, they weren’t suitable due to my age. However, a bit later, I received a call from the Dorchester Young Peoples Service who invited me for an interview to see if their accommodation was the place for me. I had a look around and was delighted to move into the scheme by November 2017.

Living at the Young Peoples Service has been truly amazing. I receive support from the staff for anything I need. They’ve been there to help me apply for income support and housing benefit, which boosted me massively financially and they’ve also been there to support me mentally, when I’ve found things a struggle.
During my studies at college, I needed some resources to complete my coursework and the Project kindly obtained a new desk for me to work at and paper to help me with my maths.

The staff couldn’t be more supportive and, now I have completed college and have received my grades, I’m thrilled to be able to be going to university with the help of grants including £500 from the Longleigh Foundation (who have also asked me to submit another application to fund a laptop to use during my course). A local charity have even paid for the deposit for my halls of residence!

Overall, I couldn’t be more grateful and happy for all the help and support I’ve received since entering the scheme. Without the support and guidance from all the staff I wouldn’t be able to fulfil my university dream.

With the help of the Project my life has really turned around. My relationship with my boyfriend has improved hugely and I was able to finish my education at college. I’m now getting ready to move to university to study Games Art & Design in September 2018.

I’m also much more confident – thank you Dorchester Young Peoples Service!"