Isle of Scilly residents settle in rural home

Earlier this month we were contacted by an elderly couple, Mr and Mrs Davis* who lived the Isle of Scilly but were looking to move to mainland England.

The couple wanted to move due to Mrs Davies’s health, but were struggling to find an affordable home that suited them in the private market. They were also unable to register with a local council as they had no connection to an area within mainland England.

To help the couple our housing team worked on finding a suitable solution, and we were able to identify a suitable home in rural Herefordshire. The home matched their needs, but maintained their rural lifestyle that they had enjoyed on the Isle of Scilly.

After the couple had spoken to our allocations team, our housing officer travelled to the empty home and took photos of it so that Mr and Mrs Davis could see the home and decide whether to rent it or not. This, along with all of the necessary checks and paperwork, was completed within two weeks, and now the couple have moved into their new home.

Our housing officer said, “It is very rare for customers who currently live offshore to be housed in this way, but we try our hardest to provide a home for as many people as we can and cater for those who are in need. It was great to be able to offer a home to this couple, and they are now enjoying the quiet life once again!”

*name has been changed to protect identity

Isle of Scilly