How the VRTB scheme helped one family buy a home in the perfect location

The cost of buying a house in rural areas like Warwickshire is on average 20 percent more expensive than a property in an urban district. For aspiring homeowners like Amanda Snelson, this makes taking that first step onto the property ladder even tougher.

Amanda Snelson

Amanda, 37, grew up in Warwick and despite the high-cost housing prices, moving out of the area was never a part of her plan. With two children to support, this meant that instead of being able to buy a house like she had imagined, Amanda rented an affordable property from national housing provider, Stonewater.

Now, with support from Stonewater, Amanda has been able to buy the three-bedroom property that she’d been renting for more than 16 years as part of the Midlands Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) pilot scheme.

“I always thought I’d own my home as a result of the Right to Acquire scheme,” said Amanda. “I’d heard about the Right to Buy scheme available in London a few years ago and I always hoped something very similar would happen here.

“When I heard about the VRTB pilot taking place in my area, I had plans to find out more and do some research but Stonewater beat me to it. I got home from work and a leaflet had been posted through my door explaining that they were one of the participating organisations.”

“Over the years, I’d invested a lot of money into decorating and refurbishing the house to suit my taste. When I found out that I could finally take the steps in making my home officially mine, I didn’t hesitate,” continues Amanda.

“In fact, rather than me chasing the team at Stonewater about the status of my application during the buying process, they contacted me regularly and made sure I knew exactly what was going on.

“I’ve worked hard to be able to financially support my family and stay in Warwick but to now be in a position where I can say that I own my own home here, is an incredible feeling.”