Helping residents live independently

At the end of 2017, Chris Jones, 61, moved into one of our retirement living schemes in Leominster. Chris had previously been suffering from ill health and had spent a long time in hospital, but now he lives fully independently after being discharged and housed at the scheme with other residents.

Chris Jones

Before moving to the scheme, Chris needed regular support from the NHS with his physical and mental health and we worked with the NHS throughout his recovery. During this time, we were also contacted by the local 'discharge and accessible homes team' who asked to carry out a ‘needs and risk assessment’ on Chris.

By collaborating with the local nurses and discharge team, we were able to provide Chris with a home that suited his needs. Initially, our housing team were unsure that he would manage independently, but we put measures in place, such as maintaining regular contact and providing a strong support network, to ensure that Chris was happy in his new home. As a result of this, Chris has been able to recover and thrive at the scheme.

Chris has been able to stay healthy and now lives independently whilst engaging with other residents at the scheme. He is less isolated and more sociable due to being surrounded by others in safe communal scheme. His confidence has also grown as a result of the changes he’s made to his lifestyle, and his new independence has changed his mental health and wellbeing.

Chris said, “I’m very grateful with the service that Stonewater provide and I’m happy living here. The team at Stonewater has helped me regain my independence and we have a nice little community here.”