Finding a home for those in need

Earlier this month, we rehomed Ms. Jones* and her three children within three days after they were left homeless.

Mrs Jones

Ms. Jones’ home was repossessed following a relationship breakdown with her partner. As a result of this, Ms. Jones and her family were placed into temporary accommodation by their local council, and urgently required help and a place that they could call home.

Our housing team liaised with the local authority as quickly as possible, arranging the paperwork and an appointment for Ms. Jones to visit her new home the day after they had moved into the temporary accommodation.

Ms. Jones had never been in this situation before, and had never claimed housing benefit. Ms. Jones was talked through the process of applying for housing benefit by our team, who calculated how much she would be entitled to. Due to her situation, the local authority agreed to pay the first two weeks of her rent until her Universal Credit came through.

On the same day as the viewing, our local housing officer signed up the Ms. Jones to Stonewater, and she had her own home again. When it was completed, Ms. Jones had tears of joy and was so happy at the prospect of living in her own home again!

*Names changed to protect privacy. Stock photo of an actress has been used.