Exeter Foyer – Photography workshop

Can you turn a shed into a camera?

You can and we did. With some expert guidance from Brendan Barry, Photography tutor, we were able to host a workshop showing residents the working of a camera and how photos are produced.

Exeter Foyer workshop

Our small meeting shed was converted by residents into a dark room and a camera, enabling them to see the process first hand from start to finish of creating a photographed image.

Here’s what our residents had to say:

"This workshop was amazing. I enjoyed the whole session being able to get involved and even learning the process my self. I enjoyed having a go at doing it all with assistance."

"I’ve learned that you can use a magnifying glass or even a hole in the wall as a lens."

"Yes I want to start going to night courses. It had a big turn out and loads of people got involved. It was cool no improvements needed."

"It was fun, the whole experience. You can make a camera out of nothing. It has inspired me."

"The workshop was really informative and taught me a lot about original photography. I hope it is run again soon because it was very interesting."

"I really enjoyed that a lot. I really loved it; it opened my eyes to a whole new experience. I would like to start looking at other projects"

"I had a great time and it has inspired me to find more about doing drama. Loved having my photo taken and watching them develop."

Exeter Foyer is a Stonewater-run young people's housing project offering accommodation and support to young people in crisis.