Digital Inclusion sessions are transforming residents lives

Earlier in the year, our retirement living scheme at New Surrey Court held a series of two hour digital inclusion sessions to help residents learn how to use computers. One of our residents spoke to us as part of #HousingDay 2018 to tell us how the sessions transformed her life.

Sheila Silverlock

After 92 years, Sheila Silverlock was certain that she would never use a computer in her life. When the digital sessions were announced she was adamant that computers “didn’t interest her” and that her age would be a barrier too big to overcome. However, after viewing a virtual tour of the farmhouse she had booked to stay in with her family for a holiday she was hooked. Sheila said “Now that I can understand how to use a computer, this year I’m going to ask my grandson to help me purchase a laptop!”

Sheila also signed up to MyHome (our customer portal) and registered with Learn My Way – a series of free courses that help people use the internet, and is now looking forward to booking her next holiday!

In Sheilas letter below, she expresses her thoughts about our digital sessions:

Photo of the letter that says 27 June 2018. Hello Linda This is a very quick note to say thank you for a very exciting and interesting session with computers yesterday. I must confess you have aroused my interest in this modern world. I vowed I would never get involved with these things. Next week I shall buy a laptop and work hard to learn how to operate it. How exciting at 91 years. Thanks a lot. Sheila

Likewise, Jackie Duke, a resident at Old Mills Court learned how to create an email account during their digital inclusion session and quickly signed up for MyHome and Learn My Way. She went on to attend a further six sessions and grew in confidence each week.

Becoming digital savvy has changed the way Jackie goes about her daily life; she's signed up to Facebook to trace an old friend and look through photographs of her grandchildren; she has reported a repair online via MyHome and is regularly reviewing her rent account (as she's keen to achieve the Gold level of our Rewards scheme).

In addition, Jackie has found the internet a huge time saver - she regularly sets the questions for the residents quiz night which used to involve hours of researching through books and handwriting the papers. However, now that Jackie is equipped with basic computer know-how she's able to Google for questions and just simply copies and pastes them into Word documents which are printed and distributed in half the time it used to take.

For further information about Learn My Way visit:
and for access to your account via MyHome visit: