After unsuccessfully applying for computer lessons at her local collage, Pauline found our digital sessions incredibly useful

Pauline, 71, suffers with bipolar disorder and is quite isolated. Although she has visits from her mental health key worker and is in touch with a few of her neighbours she is estranged from her family.

Digital sessions

Pauline likes to keep active and keep herself busy. She had applied to attend computer sessions at her local college in the past but for various reasons she was not accepted on the course.

Pauline does not have a computer at home and has very little experience of using a computer but she wanted to get involved in our digital sessions to learn basic computer skills and to listen to 1960s music.

Pauline is really enjoying the sessions - she’s finding them relaxing and therapeutic and in turn it is reducing her social exclusion and isolation. Pauline spends most of her time during the sessions searching and listening to her favourite music.

Pauline tells us that she finds the computer sessions “very entertaining” and that she “looks forward to them every week”