About the George Blunden

Public Art Prize

Public art encourages people to visit, gather and socialise, presenting an exciting opportunity for community building with new and existing residents.

We first introduced public art at our developments back in 2012, by Raglan which has since continued since its merger with Jephson to become Stonewater in 2015.

For the first time, we're launching our own public art prize to give talented artists from all over the country, both established and emerging ones, who are producing ground-breaking and innovative artworks the chance to deliver a series of pieces that can sit proudly on our development schemes.

The winning artist will be commissioned to create attractive public art for five of our developments and awarded the prize of £75,000 for their creativity, project management and scoping out the pieces. Each commission will be allocated budget for delivering and executing the public art covering costs such as the fabrication, build, transportation and materials to create the public art. The prize has been named after Stonewater’s former Board Chair George Blunden, who played a pivotal role in the creation of Stonewater and driving the organisation to ensuring our developments always add value to the local community and create a sense of place. George was also recently awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for his work in the housing sector with Stonewater and setting up Longleigh, an independent chartiable foundation. We believe that strong communities provide the social cement that holds places together and often defines their success. Nowhere is this more apparent and needed than in the formation of new residential neighbourhoods. Previously our development team have worked closely within the local communities they are serving to commission artists that are able to create pieces that convey a distinctive narrative of place, uncovering histories and nuances of the area. Having spent more time exploring our local surroundings throughout the coronavirus outbreak, the importance of having beautiful sights and engaging areas nearby has never been greater. In addition to this, we believe that delivering ‘earth friendly’, sustainable solutions will become more important than ever and it’s something we feel very passionately about.

George Blunden Public Art Prize focus

Our development team has previously been responsible for managing and commissioning the public art for each scheme. Moving forward, we would like the delivery of each public art piece to be influenced more by local residents to offer more opportunities for the project to connect with them and the wider community. In addition to this, we already have a pool of creative customers at Stonewater who are skilled painters, craftsmen and sculptors. For this George Blunden Public Art Prize, we are looking to bring Stonewater's communities together to express and voice new ideas – to enrich its existing public art initiative.