Stonewater scrutiny panel

What is the scrutiny panel?

A group of customers that have the power to challenge anything and everything, they can hold Stonewater to account for its decisions, services, direction and style. The Panel work on behalf of the wider customer body, they do not raise personal issues, but look at and make recommendations for improvements to services from a customers perspective.

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As a Scrutiny panel member, you’ll choose and take part in searching reviews of different parts of our business, and be able to recommend changes and improvements directly to the Stonewater Board.

Having good people to drive and deliver strong scrutiny is vital to our future success. It also demonstrates our commitment to being passionate, ambitious, commercial, ethical and agile.

Who are the panel members?


Roger Pearce (Chair)
Lee Anne Chibweza
Val Reeves


Bryan Impey
Carol Stevens
Matt Langsford


John Sudworth (Vice-Chair)
Scott McCabe

We are still looking to recruit new members so if you are interested in the role please email with your full name, contact details and a bit about why you would be interested in the role.

So what have the panel done so far?

The panel have recently undertaken a pilot review of the allocations service, by carrying out interviews with staff, looking at documents, performance information and talking to customers who have used the service recently.

The following summarises the key findings of the report:

  • A need for consistency in terms of approach, processes and documents
  • Be adaptive to local environment/circumstances to respond to hard to let properties
  • Need for more understanding of the customer experience
  • More customer input needed into shaping service standards & monitoring
  • A need to adopt more customer ‘self-service’ through digital platforms
  • Respond to reconcile the mission statement and affordability criteria
  • Need for better communication between teams to share experiences, ideas, remedies & good practice

Following on from this and working in collaboration with the panel, four key themes have been identified for the business to implement:

  1. A need to create consistency of service design and delivery across the business capturing good practice to maximise performance
  2. A need to increase the use of customer feedback and involvement in the design of services
  3. A recognition of the current operating environment and acceptance of an assessment of affordability, but a desire to ensure that this is clear and equitable across the business with an ongoing provision for the poorest members of our communities
  4. An understanding of and support to the use of local letting plans and renegotiations of choice based lettings schemes to take account of local issues, maintain performance and maximise the use of Stonewater’s homes

Each review takes around 3 to 4 months to complete and comprises meetings with senior staff to determine review topic, interviews with key staff regarding the service being reviewed, research into the service area around the documentation and good practice and talking to customers who may have used the service for their views – as you can imagine there is quite a lot of work involved. The panel are just embarking on their next review of the complaints service, this is due for completion in August 2016.

Joining the scrutiny panel is a wonderful way to gain new skills, confidence and contacts that will give other parts of your life a big boost. If you can spare some time or for further information please contact Michelle Hocknull. Customer Involvement & Scrutiny Specialist via email:

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