Exeter Foyer, Exeter

Exeter Foyer is set in the heart of Exeter offering an integrated solution to housing, personal development and training needs for young people.

The foyer provides safe and supportive accommodation for young people predominantly aged 16-25 (30 if the young person has a disability). It is designed as a preventative service to long term homelessness by giving young people opportunities to develop key life skills.

The service offers a holistic approach, tailored to meeting a young person’s individual support needs. The specialist team provides advice and guidance to help the young people with work, training and educational needs. This work helps gain independence and enables young people to become economically active members of the community.


The foyer has 36 rooms in total, a communal lounge, laundry and central courtyard area.

Who can apply?

Anyone with housing and support needs will be considered and may apply via the Homeless Prevention Panel, in line with Exeter Foyer’s Referral and Allocations Policy and Stonewaters Equal Opportunities Policy.

What sort of support does the foyer offer?

  • Individually tailored support plan
  • An allocated foyer project worker
  • Access to internal and external training opportunities
  • Access to a range of activities
  • Sexual health advice
  • Budgeting and managing benefits
  • Life skills (cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping)
  • Looking after health and wellbeing
  • Drop-in sessions for advice, guidance, job search
  • In-house counselling service
  • Access to drugs and alcohol services
  • Housing advice and move-on advice

To find out more, contact the foyer on 01392 499222.


Exeter Foyer, Commercial Road, Exeter, EX2 4AD.

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