Stonewater recognises the need for efficient, transparent processes for the procurement of goods, services and supplies.

We know that it is essential to obtain value for money which is why we use a range of procurement routes including EU compliant tenders, procurement clubs and other competitive tenders.

We regularly review our spending and contractual arrangements to make it easy for suppliers to bid for tenders and deliver high quality products, systems and services to our customers.

We only procure goods, services and works in line with our Standing Orders which includes Quotations, non-OJEU tenders, OJEU tenders or EU compliant frameworks. This will depend on our current contract status, business priorities and EU implications.

Advice to bidders on tenders. (updated 02.11.2018)

TUPE Impacts - Incumbent suppliers

Where OJEU tender processes are planned we will write to incumbent contracted suppliers advising of our intentions and  we may request TUPE details directly; to be supplied as part of the invitation to tender.  In the event of such a request please download the form below, complete and return as instructed within the template.

TUPE information request (updated 02.11.2018)

Our aim is to support both incumbent and prospective suppliers in ensuring sensitive and professional handling of your TUPE position and minimise impact on your affected staff. It allows you time to consider your  staffing impacts in the event of being  unsuccessful and to have access to TUPE information at an early stage to support your own bid, in the event you wish to submit.

Stonewater can take no responsibility for the accuracy of TUPE information supplied as part of a tender process as the relationship is between the incumbent and awarded supplier (presuming different organisations). However all suppliers are legally required to supply this information in the event of TUPE being triggered and we would expect incumbents to put the interests of staff as a priority and supply this information promptly upon request. This will already be a contractual obligation of some current contracts and will be mandatory for future awarded contracts. 

Getting the best deal – frameworks

One of our first considerations may be a framework which allows us to use an OJEU-compliant agreement. This means we do not have to run a full OJEU process ourselves.

There are many national and regional frameworks awarded each year and you may wish to search for these opportunities online. Each framework has its own terms and conditions and any queries should be referred direct to them.

We will consider a number of frameworks to increase the potential for business opportunities with a larger housing association market. Some examples include:

Getting the best deal – memberships

We are members of Procurement for Housing (PfH) which aims to save money and create efficiency for the housing sector. For example, in 2013 PfH saved £55million for members.

We are also members of Central Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC), a consortium of member landlords representing at least 45 registered providers and their 400,000 homes.

Terms and conditions

There are many types of contracts ranging from single purchases to longer term service arrangements. It is important that client and supplier are familiar with the terms and conditions entered into. Unless otherwise agreed, we will assume that our suppliers accept our Terms and Conditions (updated 2.11.2018). Please also refer to our designated Terms and Conditions page.

Suppliers must obtain either a Purchase Order or a Works Order (for responsive repairs and void works) from the purchasing association to authorise invoices. The only exceptions to the above requirement are:

Payments to

Goods, Services, Supplies

Government & Statutory bodies


TV Licences Building Regulations Court

Fee Choice Based Lettings

Banks, Insurers, Funders

Mortgage & interest payments Bank


Insurance Premiums

Landlords & Utilities


Service charge

Water Rates

Metered supplies:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Telephone


Rent refunds

Compensation payments

Decorating vouchers

Non-development Professionals


Committee Members & Staff


Claims for eye tests


Payments through Area Bank accounts, requisitions & petty cash, hotel bills, office running costs, subscriptions.

For further information please contact 

If your enquiry is in regard to Development these should be directed to