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Many of our homes are allocated through Choice-Based Lettings systems, which are operated by local authorities.

But there are also ways to find and apply for a Stonewater home yourself.

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Already a Stonewater customer?

We’ve created a page all about moving, swapping or leaving your home.

Choice-Based Lettings

Many of our homes are allocated through Choice-Based Lettings (CBL) systems, operated by local authorities. They make their allocations based on their allocation policies.

To register for housing in your local area, you will need to visit your local authority’s website. Their website will give you information on their allocations criteria, and how to register.

Find your local authority. It will be the same one that deals with your refuse collection and council tax.

To learn more about the CBL process, read this helpful page from Shelter.

MovingSoon waiting list

MovingSoon is an online waiting list for people looking for a home to rent. Stonewater and other registered landlords use this site to advertise some properties.

To sign up, just go to the MovingSoon website and register with your name and an email address. Once you've registered, you will be able to save the areas where you want to live and the type of property you are searching for.

When a home matching your choices is advertised, MovingSoon will email you. Then you can express an interest.

Please note that any Stonewater home you apply for through MovingSoon will be allocated according to our allocations criteria, including from any direct waiting list that is in place.

Sign up to MovingSoon

Register your interest for a retirement living scheme

People aged 55+ looking for a retirement living property can register their interest directly with us.

Browse our specialist retirement schemes and register your interest by filling out our form.