Update on our services: 20 October

We’re working hard to continue delivering services throughout the coronavirus pandemic and to support our customers – in particular those who most need our help. There’s more information on our dedicated page, with details of where to find support as well as info on our current service levels.

Nicholas Harris

I hope you and your families are continuing to stay safe and well in these challenging times.

The last six months have been completely unique for the country, and indeed the world, in dealing with a virus which spread rapidly throughout the globe. It has required some difficult decisions to be made balancing the need to keep us all safe whilst allowing life to continue as normal.

When we read the national media coverage we've seen that the answers are not always straightforward as we’d like them to be.

As autumn is taking hold and with it the second wave of the virus we will need to continue to respond to the pandemic and changes in infection rates. There has been a noticeable increase in tempo in recent weeks after a steady summer, and we’re continually reviewing the latest advice and developments, and what they mean for each aspect of our service. Our priority at all times is to make the right decisions, which put the health, safety and well-being of our customers, colleagues and contractors first.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have been guided by the Government at all times and remain ready to respond quickly to any new developments. If you live in one of our retirement living or supported housing schemes, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that the communal areas already have some restrictions in place, such as guidance on how many people can use the space at any one time, posters showing the importance of good hand hygiene, and social distancing floor markers.

As a reminder, customers affected by the new Government three-tier arrangement can find more information here.

Our core purpose continues to be helping people find much needed, affordable homes in this time of crisis. In particular, our specialist teams are doing amazing work to support those at risk of domestic abuse. Sadly, as you may have seen in the media, this is becoming an increasing issue. While many other services providers are scaling back, or even closing their doors, I’m proud that Stonewater is still offering vital help, through creative solutions, for those in most need.

More than ever before, throughout these times our homes have been our sanctuary. The coronavirus crisis has helped bring out the best in people and our communities, so now more than ever we all need to play our part in protecting ourselves, and our loved ones.

Nicholas Harris

*Stonewater is still ‘open’, with the majority of our colleagues now working from home. You can still contact us using our main telephone number 01202 319 119, although don’t forget to check our information pages or our MyHome self-service portal before calling, as you may find what you need there.*