Stonewater foyers and refuges appeal for e-gift vouchers for vulnerable residents this Christmas

Ten foyers and women’s refuges across the South of England are appealing to the community for Amazon e-gift vouchers to help bring some festive cheer to its vulnerable residents.

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The projects are all owned and operated by leading social housing provider Stonewater which also runs a wide range of other supported housing projects for adults and young people across the South of England.

“Christmas can be a difficult time of year for many of our residents who have had to leave their homes with next to no personal possessions to escape desperate situations,” says Catherine Evans, Head of Supported Housing at Stonewater. “We are appealing to our community to donate e-gift vouchers through Amazon which will give our residents an opportunity to choose something special for themselves to enjoy this festive season. Even just a small donation will make a huge difference.”

E-gift vouchers for Stonewater’s supported housing projects can be donated easily through the Amazon website. Simply go to, choose the amount you want to donate, and send it to