Buying would never have been possible

Megan Watton and her husband, Benjamin, moved into their three-bedroom house in Hereford just two weeks before welcoming their first son to the world.

Voluntary Right to Buy (3)

Now a family of four, the Wattons are celebrating the purchase of the property they’ve called home for the last eight years.

The couple have always dreamt about being able to take the leap to become homeowners and until last September, they thought it would be a number of years before they could make that vision a reality.

“We received a letter about our house falling into the catchment for the Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) scheme from Stonewater and details about taking part in the ballot,” said Megan, when asked how she found out about the scheme.

“We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best, but when we received the e-mail confirmation explaining that we had been successful, I felt like I’d just been given a winning a lottery ticket. We’d seen a lot of reports about the scheme, but we never thought we’d be one of the lucky ones that would get to see it through and be a part of the pilot.”

The Wattons not only felt lucky, but they felt like their hard work and patience had paid off.