Alex Stone, former Foyer resident

Alex was a resident at our Foyer for young people in Exeter.

Alex moved out of home when he was 16 and spent time in B&Bs until he found out about the Foyer from his Housing Officer.

Our Foyer helped Alex get onto a college course where he trained to be PE teacher, he has now moved on from this and is working with young people as a personal trainer. Alex has now moved out of the Foyer and is proud, and makes him believe in himself.

This video is a small part of Alex’s story, it’s a privilege for Stonewater to help young people on their life’s journey.

About Stonewater

Stonewater offers four Foyers for homeless young people or young people at risk of becoming homeless. These services are for young people aged 16-25 years and are based in Abingdon, Exeter, Poole and Swindon.

We work in partnership with the relevant local authorities and other external agencies to provide the support that the young person requires. Abingdon and Poole have services for young parents. We have3 smaller accommodation based services in Swindon.

These are all short term services to help the young person enter training, work or education and move on to more permanent accommodation.