Roger’s story

When Roger retired from teaching five years ago, he became a member of the Stonewater Scrutiny Panel. Roger is the Chairman of the Scrutiny Panel and is really keen to get more customers involved in the work that Scrutiny do by becoming a member.


Roger's story....

"I became a member of the panel because when I retired it brought with it new challenges. One of those being the best use of spare time. Applying for a place on the panel meant that I could give back to my landlord that had supported me through some challenging times. I also have a strong belief that everyone should have access to good quality housing, by being a member I feel I am playing a part in ensuring that Stonewater do just that!

I know that the work I am involved in is making a difference and that I am contributing to the development of social housing. The team work is great too, you get to meet a whole range of different people when completing a review, from other panel members to the staff in various offices around the country. It’s really varied!

Essentially we review a specific service that Stonewater offers and see if there are any areas it could improve. The most recent was a review of how the contact centre works, that was really enjoyable as you also get to learn more about how the business operates.

It’s vital that the panel is a good representation of all the customers who live in a Stonewater home. We’re recruiting to the panel to ensure that we have a good mix of people from various backgrounds so we can ensure we get a more varied views to take on board.

All members get their own IT equipment, have access to training plus more, now’s the perfect time to consider joining".

Find out how you can become a member of the panel by completing our 'Expression of interest form'?