Lee Anne's story

Juggling life as a full-time mum and working as a specialist nurse and clinical advisor, Lee Anne also loves hiking and playing the bass guitar.  Lee Anne has also been a member of the scrutiny panel for three years.


Lee Anne's story.....“

“I was informed by a TSO and later saw an advert in a resident newsletter about scrutiny. I saw this as an opportunity to make a possible difference to how Stonewater works from a customer's point of view.

I attended the recruitment day. It was really exciting and challenging too, but the team building tasks and interview process made it really relaxing and interesting.

When I found out I had got onto the panel I felt really happy knowing I would be giving back to the community.

My confidence has improved, and it continues to grow! I have increased knowledge of team work, housing and housing related issues. My IT skills have improved too! But best of all, I have made some really good friends. We all support each other!"

I would encourage anyone to join the panel, it's worth it honestly! The recruitment team made it so easy and welcoming. It’s interesting and the panel is such a lovely team to work with. Give it a go!"

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