Voluntas surveys - Your feedback counts

We work with an independent research company called Voluntas to undertake regular telephone surveys and some text and email surveys with our customers, to find out how well we are doing. Your feedback, whether it’s good or bad, tells us if we need to do things better.

We do listen and make changes where we can. If you do get a call from Voluntas in the future, we would really appreciate it if you could take part in the survey. Your feedback is hugely valuable in helping us to improve our services.

Voluntas will try to contact you up to four times knowing that customer feedback is so important us.

What we survey you about:

General satisfaction

This survey helps us to understand how satisfied you are. Voluntas may contact you to discuss how you feel about the service you receive and generally how satisfied you feel with Stonewater as a landlord.

Our repairs service

When you have a repair or some home improvements, like a new bathroom or kitchen, Voluntas will sometimes contact you to understand how the process went, so we can improve it for the next time.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Wherever you live, you have the right to live peacefully in your neighbourhood. We take ASB very seriously, so we’re always trying to improve the service to make it as easy as possible. If you have recently had an ASB incident closed, Voluntas may contact you to see how everything went.

Our lettings process

Moving home can be a stressful time and we don’t think that our processes should be. To ensure that they are the best they can be, Voluntas may want to discuss with you how moving into your Stonewater home went.


When complaints are raised we’ll work with you to sort out any concerns you may have and, although we can’t always meet expectations, we’ll do our best to find a solution. If you have recently raised a complaint Voluntas may contact you to see how the process and service was for you.

Ad hoc surveys

During the year we may also undertake ad hoc surveys to help with a specific project or if we have concerns with a specific area of the business which may not be performing as well as it should. Again your feedback is invaluable in helping us make changes to be able to provide a better service.


All responses to the surveys results are treated in a confidential way however Voluntas will ask you if you happy for Stonewater to contact you and follow up on the survey results. This is your choice and if you say “yes” someone from Stonewater may then get in touch.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Voluntas SMS Research Survey issued October 2018.