Think Rent!

Our Think Rent! campaign, which runs from Monday 23 October to New Year, highlights the importance of paying your rent over the festive season.

Why have we launched this campaign?

Did you know that in 2016 an average of £809.97* was spent by UK families alone over Christmas and New Year (includes the cost of; gifts, additional food and drink, decorations and holiday travel)?

It's an expensive time of year - one which can make a hole in anyones pocket and our own research indicates that many of our customers find it hard to make ends meet at this time - an extra 1,400 households found themselves in arrears in December last year, compared to those in May 2016.

Remember to budget and 'Think Rent!' Your rent is a priority payment which needs to be paid on time.

Help is available

We'll be sending a leaflet out to many of our customers as a reminder to 'Think Rent!'. We'll also be posting several Facebook and Twitter messages over the coming weeks with useful links to help you find financial support and advice if you need it.

Our website also provides various hints and tips to plan your budget to enable you to pay your priority bills - like rent.

If you'd like to talk to us about managing your rent payments, please contact us, or alternatively visit our rent webpage