Reward FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Reward scheme. If you cannot find an answer, please contact us using our Reward email enquiry form

  1. What level of service will I receive as a new Stonewater customer?

    All new Stonewater customers will be placed on Reward Silver for the first six weeks of their tenancy. We will then review your level of service on a weekly basis against the Reward requirements.

  2. Can I request a review of, or appeal against, my current level of service?

    Yes. A full review and appeals process is available if you believe that we’ve placed you on the wrong level of service. Please contact us on 01202 319119.

  3. Will you tell me if my level of service changes?

    Yes. We will notify you to let you know your level of service has changed and the reason(s) for the change.

  4. I’m currently in debt on my main rent account – what do I do?

    You will need to clear any outstanding debt and pay your rent in line with your tenancy agreement. Please contact us to discuss your account on 01202 319119.

  5. How can I make sure my rent is paid on time?

    The best way to make sure your rent is paid on time is to pay by Direct Debit

  6. I have unpaid court costs – what do I do?

    You will need to clear all unpaid court costs. Please contact us on 01202 319119 to discuss your account.

  7. I receive Housing Benefit that is paid directly to Stonewater in arrears; will this affect my level of service?

    Reward will take into account expected payments from Housing Benefit, including those made in arrears.

    For customers on partial Housing Benefit or for those who have Housing Benefit paid directly to their own bank account, it is your responsibility to make sure your rent is paid and up to date.

    We expect all rent to be paid in line with your tenancy agreement.

  8. How will this scheme work when I start to receive Universal Credit?

    We will handle each case on an individual basis. When you change from Housing Benefit to Universal Credit, we expect you to contact us and provide all the relevant details, including the payment date.

    We will expect that, as soon as you receive your first Universal Credit payment, you pay your rent immediately and in full, to make sure you do not have any arrears showing on your account.

  9. What is your definition of an ‘incident of proven Anti-Social Behaviour’ (ASB)?

    An incident of proven anti-social behaviour is when, on evidence, we believe that you have behaved unreasonably. In addition to this; if you, or any member of your household, have a criminal or civil prosecution related to the locality of your home, it would result in an incident of proven ASB.

  10. Is it possible to check my current level of service, rent or court cost balance online?

    Yes. This can easily be checked via our online customer portal MyHome.

    The MyHome login (existing users) and the sign up area to register as a new user can be found at:

  11. Will I receive planned kitchen and bathroom upgrades as a Reward Bronze customer?

    We will not replace kitchens and bathrooms for customers who are in Reward Bronze. Replacements will be deferred and reviewed annually.

  12. Which repairs will not be carried out for Reward Bronze customers?

    Customers in Reward Bronze will receive a reduced repairs service in line with Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

  13. What is Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985?

    As a Landlord we have a responsibility to carry out contractual and statutory repairs to comply with Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. For more information please visit the official Government website at

  14. Will Stonewater still carry out disabled adaptations if I am a Reward Bronze customer?

    We will continue to meet our obligations to provide disabled adaptations to customers in all Reward levels

  15. When will the prize draws take place?

    The prize draws as listed in the Reward criteria, will be drawn every two months. The first prize draws are expected to be drawn early 2019. Winners will be published on our website and Facebook.

    To be entered into the prize draw we will require your consent. We will contact you in the near future to request this as part of a wider customer information update.