We would like to link the service we offer to the way customers manage their tenancies. This would mean additional rewards and benefits for people who do things like pay their rent on time and take care of their property.


A tenancy agreement is a partnership between us and you - the customer. If we are paid rent on time and do not have to manage anti-social behaviour we can deliver our services more efficiently and provide best value for money. This, in turn, means we can build more new homes and invest in improving services.

Our new customer incentive scheme, Reward, offers three levels of service: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

How will it work?

We are launching Reward in March 2018.

We will tell you when we make any changes to Reward in the future.

As Reward develops, we may link new services to each level. For example, as our digital and online services expand, we will encourage customers to use them by linking them to our Gold standard.

For more information contact read our dedicated Reward FAQ page or contact us using our Reward email enquiry form

Reward Gold

This is an enhanced level of service and will be offered to customers who go over and above the required compliance with their tenancy agreement.

Reward Silver

This is our standard level of service which we expect most customers will receive. It will be provided to customers who meet all the terms of their tenancy agreement.

Reward Bronze

This is our basic level of service and will be applied to customers who do not meet or are in breach of the conditions of their tenancy agreement.