We have transferred all our payment collection services to Allpay Limited.

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Some customers have already been using Allpay, so these changes will not affect how those customers pay their rent. We will be writing to those customers who have been using an alternative payment provider with details of how the changes will affect you.

Allpay also offers new additional ways for you to pay your rent:

  • Pay your bills via an automated 24/7 telephone payment line

You can make a payment over the phone at any time, by calling 0300 041 6497. Calls are charged at local rates. You will need your 19 digit payment reference.

  • Pay your bills by text

You can make payments using your mobile phone by going to https://allpayments.net/textpay and registering your details. You will need your 19 digit payment reference number to make a payment.

For further information visit the ‘Paying your rent’ page on our website.

If you have any queries please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.




I was a former Raglan customer will I be affected by the changes?

There will be no changes for former Raglan customers. However, you are now able to use the automated 24 hour telephone service (0330 041 6497) at the cost of a local rate call.

I’m a former Jephson/ Marches customer, will I need a new payment card?

No. Please carry on using your current payment card in Post Offices and PayPoint outlets as usual.

If you pay your rent online, we will be writing to you in June with details of the new payment reference number for the Allpay payment portal.

I pay by Direct Debit, do I need to do anything?

No. From the 29 June 2017 all Direct Debits will be collected by Allpay on behalf of Stonewater. In mid June Allpay will write to you detailing your payment amount, frequency and date of first Allpay collection.

Will online payments be affected?

From the 21 June, the link to the Pay360 payment portal, used by former Jephson and Marches customers, will be removed from our website. All customers will be directed to the Allpay secure payment portal.

All customers will need an 19 digit payment reference to make an online payment.

First time Allpay users will need to register on the Allpay payment portal before being prompted to enter their 19 digit payment reference number.

How do I know what my 18 digit payment reference is?

For customers with an Allpay payment card, the payment reference number is the number in the centre of the card.

In June we will be writing to former Jephson and Marches customers who regularly pay online, with details of the new payment reference number for the Allpay payment portal.

If you haven’t received your payment card or if your card has a bar code on the back, please call us for assistance on 01202 319119.