Work and benefits

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Which benefits can I claim?

How to claim benefits

Some people find making a claim to benefit daunting. Don’t be put off claiming what you are entitled to.

  • If you have used the Benefits calculator (above) the results page will tell you how to go about making a claim for the suggested benefits
  • Alternatively, if you already know which benefit(s) you wish to claim you can use the Government A to Z web page to find out how to claim

Overpayments of benefits

Overpayments of benefit can occur for any number of reasons - ie: a change in circumstances (e.g. your partner leaves the household or starting employment).

  • If you disagree with either the amount, or that an overpayment has happened, you should contact the department concerned as soon as possible to dispute the overpayment
  • Citizens Advice offers guidance on dealing with overpayments

Moving into or out of work?

  • If you’re returning to work after a period of unemployment or sickness you may need to tell the DWP of the change. To be sure everything goes correctly it pays to always inform anyone who pays you benefit of any changes in your circumstances
  • If you’re leaving work you may be entitled to claim benefits straight away. See the section on ‘How to claim benefits’ above
  • If you have been receiving Working Tax Credit and leave work, remember to let the Tax Office know as soon as possible

Are you retiring?

  • Check out your state pension details on

Understanding your financial circumstances

  • Have you been out of the workforce for some time?
  • Are you in work and been offered a change in your job or hours?
  • Do you need to stop work to care for someone?

Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to work out what effect these changes may have on your finances.

Using a 'better off' calculator can help you understand your circumstances ie: