How do I pay for my water, waste and drainage?

  • You should contact your local water company to arrange payment. To find your local water company visit www.water.org.uk
  • Many Stonewater properties have water meters fitted which ensure you only pay for the water you use.
    Make sure you know where your meter is and check the readings regularly.
    Your local water company will have details on their website of how to read your meter.
  • Some Stonewater properties have their sewerage provided by private systems. A separate charge is made for this by Stonewater as your water company would normally only charge you for the water supply.

Can I switch my water, waste and drainage provider?

  • At present you cannot choose which water company provides your supply and your drainage.

Struggling with the cost of water?

If you are struggling to pay your bills speak to your provider as:

  • Many water companies operate special tariffs for larger families or people with certain medical conditions.
  • Some companies offer a fixed rate tariff for those on certain benefits. You should check what your water company provides.

In addition, you can also seek advice from Citizens Advice.