Council tax

What is Council tax?

  • Council tax is a charge set by your local Council based on a system of payment bands
  • To find your local Councils website visit

How much is it?

  • You can find details of your Council tax band (and who to pay) by inserting your postcode in the Directgov Council Tax valuation list Search.
  • If you move into your property part way through the year, the amount you pay will be a proportion of the full year
  • If you are on a low income you may be entitled to help with the cost of your council tax, this varies between local authorities and you should approach your local council. You may still have to pay something towards your council tax even if you are on benefit.
  • Remember some groups are exempt from council tax and a household with only one adult is usually entitled to a discount on their council tax.

When does it need to be paid?

  • Council tax is due every year in advance and must be paid to prevent being fined or imprisonment.
  • Your Council will normally allow you to pay in monthly installments; these are usually spread over 10 months from April to January.