Estates Services arrangements

We appointed new estates contractors in April 2016, delivering cleaning and gardening services across our schemes.

This was as a result of a review of estate services, designed to ensure efficiency, overall value for money as well as meet our expectations on quality.


We know how important it is that schemes are well maintained and are attractive places to live.

The new arrangements mean we have contractors who will be managed by us to deliver against clear quality standards, rather than frequency. Therefore, as long as our required standards are met, the contractor has flexibility to undertake the service as frequently or infrequently as required to maintain a consistent standard.

We will measure their work using a monitoring system called a “Photobook” (rating their service as A,B,C or D), which provides photo examples of expected quality and allows customers, Tenancy Officers and contractors to be clear about how communal areas should be.

Our expectation is that all gardening, cleaning and window cleaning contractors should maintain an A or B rating. If this expectation is not met going forward, we will issue a notice, asking the contractor to correct the works. If work continues to be below standard, contractors will be issued with a £50 default notice (with the money credited back in to the service budget).

Tenancy Officers will undertake estate inspections which will include monitoring the quality of these services and the feedback is provided to the contractor during regular performance meetings.

You can find out who your Tenancy Officer is on our Housing Services page

If you have any feedback regarding the management of our estates please email: Anything we receive will be reviewed and used to improve the service.

For further information please refer to our estates FAQ document.