Noise nuisance and ‘The Noise App’

Did you know about ‘The Noise App’ which you can use to help you report noise nuisance? The App is free to download from your App Store to use on your smart phone.

Noise App.JPG

However, before you can begin to use the app, it will ask you to register your details (the details you provide us with via the App are used for our records to enable us to see who the recordings have come from).

As part of the registration process you will:

  • be asked to enter an 'investigator' - please type Stonewater and press select.
  • receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your registration.

By using the App you will be able to collect evidence to help us understand the noise you are experiencing to support our investigation.

Your recordings may be used when speaking to perpetrators or to support action against tenancies we may take.

Your evidence will also enable us to take tenancy action against the perpetrators of the nuisance, however without this evidence success is unlikely, as Stonewater need to be able to show a Judge in Court that correct procedures have been followed and that our evidence is strong.

Please only take a recording when the noise you are hearing changes. If the same noise you are hearing occurs for a long period of time; space your recordings 30 minutes apart and use the comment box within the App to provide more detail.

If you need more help with getting the App set up on your phone there is a useful YouTube user guide that you can watch. Alternatively, you can contact us using one of the methods on our dedicated How to report Anti-social behaviour page - if you choose the telephone option, please ask to speak to someone in the Anti-Social Behaviour team.

We also recommend that you report noise nuisance to your local authorities Environmental Health department.