Selling your home

If you are a Stonewater homeowner and you would like to sell your home, you will need to let us know. You will need our consent to go ahead with the sale.

Shared Owners

If you are a shared owner and wish to sell your share of the property, please notify Stonewater as early as possible. We can advise you on the next steps.

In most cases you can advertise the property with an estate agent, however buyers will need to be eligible for the Shared Ownership scheme. We will assess buyers for eligibility.

You must not sell your share in the property for more than its current market value agreed by you and valid at the exchange of contracts. To ensure a fair valuation, we will, together with you, appoint a qualified valuer.

Some properties have a clause in their lease restricting re-sale to local people only, particularly in rural areas. You must check whether this restriction applies to your home.

Other leaseholders and freeholders

Once you have placed your property with an estate agent, please notify us of your intention to sell.

Your solicitor will contact us with a questionnaire about the building or estate and any charges levied. We will charge you for providing this information. We may also need to sign and agree a deed of transfer.

If you own 100% of the equity, there will not normally be any restriction on who you can sell your property to, or the price that you put the property on the market for.

If you have recently bought or acquired the property through the Right to Buy or Acquire scheme you may have to repay some of the discount agreed if you sell within the statutory repayment period.