Repairs and maintenance

As a landlord, we have an obligation to carry out repairs and maintenance on some of our schemes.

Whether we carry out repairs depends on the ownership type of the property and the legal covenants included in your lease or transfer.

Shared Owners

Depending on if you live in a house or a flat, some repairs are your responsibility to arrange and pay for and some repairs are our responsible to organise.

The cost of the repairs we organise will be added into the service charge. We aim to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.

Retirement schemes and leaseholders

Generally speaking we are responsible for arranging repairs to the shared areas of the scheme and the structure and outside of the building. As an owner you have responsibility for repairs to the inside of your property.


You are responsible for arranging and paying for all repairs to your home. We are responsible for arranging repairs to the shared areas that are not the responsibility of the local authority, for example some street lighting and car parking areas.

Maintenance News

We are introducing the use of new lawnmowers on general rented schemes

Our new grounds maintenance contractors will be using mulching mowers instead of the more traditional type of mower from 1 April 2016. Although mulching mowers leave longer blades of grass the cuttings they create (which are finer) drop onto the ground so that they provide a mulch for the roots - promoting greener, healthier lawns.