Home improvements and alterations

You have a right to carry out improvements to your home, however if you are a freeholder, you must speak to your local authority before you make any improvements. If you are a leaseholder or shared owner, you must advise us in writing.


Before making any major improvements to your home you should contact your local authority to ensure that you are not contravening any planning regulations.

You may need our permission to carry out alterations to your property, so please check your transfer document or contact Stonewater for further details.

Leaseholders and shared owners

Before you make any improvements to your home you must advise us in writing. Some leases may allow you to make certain improvements. Other leases will require us to give you permission. In most cases we will charge a fee to consider your case.

This is so we can be sure that any works you propose will not affect the structure of the building or your neighbour’s properties, eg replacing windows and external doors if these are not Stonewater’s responsibility.

You are not allowed to make any structural alterations to your property.

Aerials and dishes

You must get our permission before erecting any television or radio receiving equipment to the outside of the property.

If you want to install an outside television aerial, satellite dish, or radio receiving and transmitting equipment, you must get our permission before going ahead. We do not allow individual aerials in flats if there is already a shared aerial.

Using your home as a business

If you wish to run a business or work from your home, you must get our written permission first. We do not allow business which require planning permission to operate from home, or any proposals that may cause nuisance to neighbours.