Our application and eligibility assessment process explained

When you apply for one of our Retirement Living properties you will be required to undertake an eligibility assessment.

The application and assessment process is:

  1. All potential applicants should call our Customer Contact team (CCT) on 01202 319119 (or alternatively complete an online enquiry form (links to the contact us page) to register their interest in a particular property
  2. The CCT will pass the applicants details onto our Allocations team who undertake and complete the necessary checks ( credit checks and so forth)
  3. The Allocations team will then request for an eligibility assessment to be completed by our Retirement Living team.
  4. The Retirement Living team will invite the applicant to be assessed (usually by one of our local Service Delivery Officers) at the property they are interested in.
  5. The assessment takes place and includes:
    - a chance for the applicant to meet some of the staff.
    - an informal interview where we ask the applicant a standard set of questions to ensure that the scheme in question is right for them and that we are able to offer the level of support they require to remain living independently.
    Questions will be based around the applicants general health and wellbeing and must be answered honestly by the applicant however candidates are welcome to bring family or friends with them if they wish.
    The assessment usually takes around one – two hours to complete.
  6. Our team will review the outcome of the assessment and a decision will be made whether the scheme is suitable for that particular applicant.
  7. The applicant will be notified of our decision as soon as possible.