The history of social housing

Learn how social housing has changed over the years.

Many people around the country depend on social housing to meet their housing needs. The idea behind social housing is to make renting more affordable and provide more secure, long-term housing for those whose needs aren’t always met on the open market.

Social housing can provide the foundation people need to get on in life, meaning families can put down roots, plan for the future and make their house a home.

Making accommodation affordable and accessible to those in need has been a constant priority in the UK, dating back to before the First World War. A variety of construction methods have been used to deliver social housing over the decades including prefab houses, quick assemble concrete housing and high-density blocks of flats. 

The underlying principle of social housing has always been to provide adequate housing for all and to ensure there is good quality affordable housing for low-income households. 

Stonewater's Vision is for everyone to have the opportunity to have a place that they can call home. 

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We take a look at the history of social housing and how the demand and delivery have changed over the last 100 years+.

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