Environmental Strategy

At Stonewater, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. This includes ensuring that we provide comfortable and affordable homes for our customers.


Our Environmental Strategy sets out Stonewater’s ambitions to improve the energy efficiency of our housing stock, make homes more affordable to run for our customers and minimise our overall impact on the environment.

This strategy will help improve our customers’ experience and contribute to our ambitions to demonstrate business excellence, provide more comfortable and affordable homes, and create sustainable communities for our customers.

Find out more in our Environmental Strategy.

Our Board members' pledges

To demonstrate Stonewater’s commitment to achieving our environmental ambitions, our Board members have made pledges against different aspects of our strategy to ensure that they are delivered.

Find out more about each of our Board members here.

Doug Wright

Anne Dokov

Tariq Kazi

Juliana Crowe

Jennifer Bennett