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Are you on a variable service charge and have received a letter…

If you have received a letter from us recently, find out all you need to know about changes to your variable service charges. …


Customer Commitments

We've launched our Customer Commitments, setting out the service customers can expect from us.


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Five years on: Stonewater is celebrating its fifth birthday

Five years on: Stonewater is celebrating its fifth birthday

The business world may be littered with a trail of failed mergers and examples of deals not living u …

Providing high-quality homes for everyone

Construction of a brand-new affordable development in the village of Hanslope in Buckinghamshire, is officially underway.

The Wheatfields development - Stonewater RESIZED.jpg

Work on 108 Leicestershire affordable homes is underway

More than 100 affordable homes are being brought to Leicestershire, with the support of local councils, by leading housing pr …

Farndon Fields - Stonewater and Avant Homes representatives on site RESIZED.jpg

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